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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years is your program? We are a three year residency.

How many residents do you take per year? We take 8 residents per class.

Are you ACGME accredited? Yes, we received our initial ACGME accreditation in 2016 with ACGME continued accreditation in 2021-2022.

Do you have a minimum USMLE/ COMLEX score? No, however we do highly emphasize on first-time pass.

How many SLOES are required to apply? We do not require any number of SLOES, however they are preferred. We do require three letters of recommendation.

Do you sponsor VISAs? No

Do you accept foreign medical graduates? Yes we accept any applicate who has an ECFMG certification.

Do you have a food stipend? Yes, our residents receive a yearly $2000 stipend that they can use at any of our Ascension Michigan branches.

Do your residents receive their own personal Ultrasound Butterfly? Yes! Beginning this year incoming residents will have a $2000 educational stipend that they are able to use dedicated to having their very own Butterfly.

Do you have an education stipend? Yes, our residents receive a yearly $1500 for education, limited to 2 electronic devices.

Where does everyone live? Most of our residents live in the metro Detroit/ downtown area, which is an easy 15-30 minute drive to Macomb. Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Birmingham are popular neighborhoods that have their own downtown areas and niche. We also offer discounted housing at our Madison Heights campus which is another popular option and resident exclusive.

What's there to do in Michigan? Detroit is home to many different diverse cultures and home to amazing restaurants and any food lovers dream. Detroit and its suburbs that include Birmingham, Ferndale, and Royal Oak offering bustling nightlife and the state of Michigan is home to many breweries. Detroit is also home to three major sporting teams. If you enjoy nature, go on a weekend getaway to the upper peninsula where it is quiet and quaint and home to many different outdoor adventures and parks. 

Where do your graduates work? Our graduates work around the country. Common areas include California, Georgia, New York, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and more. 

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